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Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of 11 in 2011

 Since there is only 1 day left in 2011, I thought I'd do a quick review of the goals I wanted to accomplish this year. 

Finish my pharmacy technician class with at least a 95% average.  I only need an 80% to pass, but I want to do better than that.  Did.  Finished with 98.7%  Also took the certification test in August and passed it. 

~Save money for Christmas presents by October.  I want to be able to buy for more people this year, so H and I are planning on making a joint effort to save better and be prepared for gift buying ahead of time.   Did.  We did much better this year about planning for gifts than in previous years.  

~Be pregnant by the end of the year.  This one may be a long shot though.  We'd like our kids about 2 years apart.  I just have no idea when we feasibly can start TTC for Baby Rebel #2 because of my job situation.  Plus it took us just over a year to conceive Baby Rebel #1, and I'm not going to get my hopes that #2 will be easier.  So we'll play this one by ear. Not.  Was hoping to have good news to share on the New Year, but bad news arrived on the 22nd to spoil that idea.  We'll have to see what 2012 has us store for us.  

~Have a job shortly after getting my certification.  I'm very hopeful that with the internship I'll do and the bonus of being a Certified Pharmacy Technician that gaining employment won't be hard.    Not.  Need to make this more of a priority than it is right now if I ever want to be employed. 

~Lose weight by my class reunion.  I lost about 30lbs after having Baby Rebel, but I have gained quite a bit since high school.  So while I'm realistic that I won't be able to reach my high school weight by August, I would like to lose some more and feel better about myself.  Fail. Did nothing to lose weight.  Now my goal is to lose weight by my sister's wedding next June. 

~For Baby Rebel to have an awesome checkup with his specialist on February 10th.  He'll have another u/s on his liver to make sure the hemangioma on it is still gone.  I'm very hopeful that that appointment will be the last time we have to visit!  Pass, completely clear of hemangiomas by Feb.  All clear in May of the fistula the radiologist saw.  No more specialists and no more ultrasounds.

~To help my H find a better job.  He graduated from college in May 2007 and still doesn't have a "career".  He has jobs that pay our bills.  I would really like to help him get into a job that is long term and he loves.  Complete.  Got a job as security guard at a big hospital in June.  Much better insurance and better pay.  He quit the mall security job when he took the hospital job and quit Meijer in October.  For the first time in over 4 years he is only working 1 job.

~Get the sisters tattoo with my 2 little sisters.  We've been planning this for awhile, and my littlest sister finally turned 18 this past December!  We're getting a Celtic symbol for womanhood.  Completed on June 24th.  We got them on the inside of our left wrists.   We opted to get the first 2 initials of our names around the center.  I think they turned out pretty nice. 
<--Close up of my arm.

~Do something girly for myself.  Be it getting a mani/pedi, or something else.  Do something without Baby Rebel and H that is just for me.  Did.  Got a pedicure at the end of November.  H just told me to go one day, so I did.  And I loved it!

~Update my 101 in 1001, and see what I stand with accomplishing that.  My finish date is March 14, 2012, so I still have some time to work on the list.  I haven't done anymore since my last update.  There are some more updates I need to post, and some that are still in progress.  Finishing all 101 doesn't seem likely to happen. 

~Just enjoy everyday with H and Baby Rebel.  Time is flying and I can't believe that in 8 days I'll have a 7 month old.  So I want to cherish every moment with my 2 guys and make the most of our time as a family of 3. Absolutely have.  And I have photographic proof of everything.  Time flies so I have to enjoy every moment.  

Review- I managed to get through the majority of my goals.  A few were a complete fail, but they aren't anything pressing that really hurts that I didn't finish.  I'll have to think about whether I want to set similar goals for next year.  Or perhaps I should just focus on the weight loss, since it is something that is important to me.