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Baby Rebel


  • May '08- Married!
  • Sept. '08- Stopped taking birth control pills & started charting
  • Sept. '09- Saw doctor for yearly exam, given option of starting fertility tests
  • Oct. 20, '09- BFP!  EDD is June 29, 2010
  • Nov. 30th- Saw doctor for first appt @ 8weeks.  Saw Baby Rebel on internal u/s
  • Dec. 24th- 2nd trimester starts!
  • Dec. 28th- Heard heartbeat on doppler for first time!
  • Feb. 1, '10- Big u/s.  Revealed Baby Rebel is "most likely" a BOY!  
  • Feb. 9th- 20 weeks!  Halfway point of pregnancy.
  • Feb. 25th- Follow up u/s, revealed Baby Rebel IS a BOY!
  • Mar. 2nd- Felt Baby Rebel kick for first time!
  • Mar. 15th- Passed 1 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test!  
  • Mar. 28th- 3rd trimester starts!
  • Apr. 20th- Start of Childbirth Classes, they will last 5 weeks
  • May 1st- Baby Shower thrown by mom and sisters
  • May 25th- Growth u/s since I was measuring big.  Baby and fluid level are normal.
  • June 21st- Contractions start, head to the hospital.
  • June 22nd- Baby Rebel arrives!  

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