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Monday, February 20, 2012

Healthy Food blogs?

The husband and I have decided to make some changes.  We joined the YMCA, and are making an effort to go consistently.  We were doing good at the beginning of last week and then a stomach bug hit all 3 of us and took us out for the rest of it.  So we're in a new week and making a new effort.  We like to go when the childcare is open so K can play with other kids and we can workout together.  He's doing pretty good at being left there without Mom and Dad.

We are also working on changing our diets.  We've done a good job of making meal plans, now I just need to make a better effort at making HEALTHY meal plans.  Especially lowering calories and carbs.  I found the Picky Eater Blog that I hope will have some good recipes, but if anyone has any other blogs that focus on healthy recipes I'd be grateful to know what they are.  So many of the ones I follow just eat the way we used to.

I'm really hoping that these changes will make a difference and I'll see some pounds disappear.